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  • The XRP community doubts the credibility of Weiss Crypto Rating and the data used.
  • Weiss Crypto Ratings suggests collaboration between XRP and XLM.

One of the leading financial data rating platforms in the world, Weiss Rating has found itself at loggerheads with the XRP community. Weiss Crypto Ratings posted a tweet suggesting that the XRP community would find more satisfaction by transitioning to Stellar (XLM). The platform said that XLM commands “technological advancement” although it lags behind in adoption.

“Some say XRP community transitioning over to XLM would make sense over XRP, but XRP leads in adoption. If the XRP community moved over to XLM, that adoption gap would close. Would you cross over? The tweet reads.

The XRP community commonly known as the XRP army did not leave anything to chance as they sought clarification as to why Weiss Crypto Ratings would make such an ‘absurd’ suggestion. Some even questioned the credibility of Weiss Crypto Ratings and even the data used to make such a statement. The company tried to defend but the backlash was overwhelming. Instead, it resorted to explaining that:

“Tech advantage of XLM over XRP? XLM is structured in such a way that, once adopted, it creates a completely decentralized network. XRP, on the other hand, always needs a central coordinating party to reach a consensus. It’s the same model used by Libra.

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