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BOONVILLE — On Wednesday afternoon under clear, sunny skies the Starmount Rams soccer team hosted North Wilkes in a Mountain Valley Athletic Conference game. Starmount won the previous meeting between the two teams 7-0, and this time around Starmount put up two goals in the first half to take a 2-0 win.

Starmount came out strong in the first 40 minutes, as the Rams were able to control possession throughout the midfield. Starmount put together crisp passes, which ultimately turned into a goal. The Rams added another goal a few minutes later, which gave them a 2-0 lead over North Wilkes heading into the halftime break. Johnathan Maya and Bryan Rodriguez were the two goal scorers for the home team.

In the final 40 minutes of the game, Starmount kept pushing against North Wilkes’ defensive line. Brandon Ocampo and Maya had shots on goal for the Rams, while Leo Najera also had plays on the ball.

Out of the 40 minutes played in the second half, 30 of those were spent on Starmount’s offensive half. The home team not only controlled the tempo, but they also controlled the ball at every turn. Starmount had five shots on goal in the first 10 minutes, which equates to one shot on goal every two minutes.

With the clock still ticking North Wilkes did not have an answer for Starmount’s continued power through the front line. After the mandatory mask break, North Wilkes regrouped and started putting pressure on Starmount’s midfielders.

When the clock hit the halfway point of the half, North Wilkes earned a free kick which turned out to be the best chance of the night for the Vikings. The kick was set up at the top of the 18-yard box. Starmount’s keeper, Gregory Tolbert, set his wall up and the kick was taken by North Wilkes. The ball sailed over the wall and to the left of Tolbert. The keeper stuck his left hand out and deflected the ball out of the goal and recovered it for an impressive save. Tolbert’s save kept the clean sheet alive, and the Rams held onto a 2-0 lead.

Starmount tried to add another goal in the final minute of the game, but the Rams were unable to get off a clean shot. As the game drew to a close, Starmount took a 2-0 win over North Wilkes.

The Rams are ranked first in the MVAC with a record of 10-1. The Rams secured the MVAC championship with a win over West Wilkes last week.

In the 1A North Carolina High School Athletic Association standings, Starmount is ranked third in the state. Voyager Academy holds the top spot, while Community School of Davidson ranks second.

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