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Generosity is in the air.

Last year, it was blankets. This year, it is socks for our buddy.

Vincenzo Gallo, 8, made a decision last Christmas season that he wanted 99 blankets to give to the homeless. He got the idea from a television show. It was his wish, and it was on his Christmas list. The 99 number sounded good.

His parents said he has always been a thoughtful child, so why not?

Vincenzo put the word out, talked to relatives and others. He was on television and in the newspaper. He got 350 blankets. Lots of people decided it was a great idea.

An overachiever — no doubt about it.

This year, it is socks. His father, Omar, said the socks will take up less room in the collection process. The basement was full. Dad said it was a crazy time with blankets coming from businesses and individuals.

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