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Remittance providers are in continual search of superior technological solutions to improve on the remittance services for their customers.  The price of remittance flow has been increasing at a steady pace.  Ripple is helping several remittance businesses with improved potential for customers and the overall betterment of customer experience.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “The concept of Ripple in terms of remittance services is impressive, and several of their partners have to state that it is practically convenient real-time. It is now the RAKBank and RippleNet Expanding to the Philippines.”

Everyone is looking to get into the XRP way of things without it gets too late.  The number of customers adding up to RippleNET and remittance services is only increasing by the day. The numbers of positive things that gets done with XRP and their remittance services is amazing.

Ripple XRP RAKBANK RippleNet BDO Unibank

RippleNet being one of the top performers in the cryptocurrency sector are helping the RAKBANK of the United Arab Emirates to expand its services to Filipino citizens.

Peter England, RAKBank CEO, stated, “We, at RAKBank are committed to increasing our international remittance footprint and are delighted to enhance our RMT services into the Philippines, thanks to our partnership with BDO. This partnership aims to offer the Filipino ex-pat community here in the UAE the ability to safely and instantly remit money back home at competitive rates with zero back-end charges and no hidden fees.”

Dubai’s RAKBANK, a retail and Business Bank in the United Arab Emirates region, entered into a partnership with the BDO Unibank, the Filipino Financial Services Giant, to facilitated better money remittance services for the Filipino Expat Community in the UAE.  Thus, providing a trusted platform for foreign-based citizens to make easy and seamless remittances. This partnership will make use of the RippleNet – remittance platform, which has been developed by Ripple Labs, the Crypto Giant. Thus, RakBank has increased its presence in the Philippines.

Ripple XRP Bank Asia RippleNet

Further, Bank Asia, a Bangladeshi Financial Services Giant, also signed a deal to use the RippleNet platform facilitating real-time gross settlement systems based on blockchain technology.  This came to light when one of the Twitter community member saw “the logo of Bank Asia on a document providing instances of RippleNet users with American Express, Santander, Send Friend, MoneyGram, SABB, Standard Chartered, and SBI Group.”

Also, Ripple recently tweeted about:  “@XpringDev initiative to bridge #XRP and #ETH using @Interledger.” Ripple at an Ethereum thing and a lot of things are happening.

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