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Is Ripple expected to go up more?

XRP crypto still has several potential catalysts that could drive it higher. There’s still more room for Ripple to grow its payments business in Asia-Pacific and that would result in more demand for the XRP token.

There have been talks about Ripple entering a payments deal with Apple as the iPhone maker tries to expand its services business. If a partnership with Apple materializes, it could deliver a huge boost to XRP’s price. Also, a recent Amazon job listing suggests that the e-commerce giant might be interested in crypto payments.

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If Amazon is seeking crypto payments partners, Ripple would be a strong candidate. A deal with Amazon would benefit XRP’s price. The conflict with the SEC has been an overhang on XRP crypto. Resolving that issue should free the token to sprint higher.

Considering the bright prospects of Ripple’s payments business in the Asia region, many investors will see the current price as an opportunity to buy the dip. At the current price, XRP trades 80 percent below its all-time high.

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