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Today Ripple’s community hell-raiser Tiffany Hayden highlighted that XRPL is very vulnerable to spam attacks. It appears that David Schwartz has an emergency plan.


Tiffany Hayden has been well-known for being a passionate endorser of Ripple. But recently she sold all her XRP assets, just like Charlie Lee did with his Litecoin (LTC). Today her tirade on the disadvantages of XRPL led to an unexpected announcement from Ripple CTO, David Schwartz.

No infrastructure, no public interest, no attack-resistance

A few hours ago, Mrs. Hayden reported that XRPL transactions have ‘almost halted’. According to her, such congestion may be caused by the not ‘decentralized or sustainable’ nature of  its network performance. Also, she outlined that the whole network has one point of failure badly affected by a human factor.

Moreover, in the discussion with her followers, she admitted that XRPL has no infrastructure and ‘business would be horrified’ if it looked at the real situation.

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Also, interest in the XRP token is vanishingly, according to her statement. It is not that the token wasn’t designed for public use,

It’s just that the public doesn’t want to use it

Disease to be cured

Shortly after Mrs. Hayden’s claims, Ripple CTO David Schwartz admitted that the actual design of the network has some robustness issues, which is unusual for the vast majority of blockchains. But he has a plan to redevelop it and already made suggestions ‘a few months ago’.

As previously reported by U.Today, Mr. Schwartz announced that core consensus improvements and new features, such as the ability to issue stablecoins and any asset ‘pegged to some external value’ will be implemented into the XRP Ledger

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