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XRP change proposal

It turned out that the decentralized ledger “XRP Leisure (XRPL)” of crypto assets (virtual currency) XRP (Ripple) has proposed changes related to the network. A project to provide Oracle functionality to flare networks, proposed by Network Varidata’s FTSO.EU.

The proposal is to change the rule that you must have at least 20 XRP to activate your XRP Leisure wallet. FTSO.EU has proposed lowering this standard to 10XRP.

XRP Leisure has introduced a reserve mechanism to prevent the ledger from expanding excessively due to malicious use. One of them is the “basic reserve” required for each address, which is currently set at 20XRP. XRP Leisure has a mechanism that allows Varidata to vote for changes in reserves.

Wietse, the founder of XRPL Labs, was funded by Ripple’s CTO, David Schwartz, and Ripple’s investment arm, RippleX (formerly Xpring), to lower this standard. Wind and others agreed.

The FTSO.EU has now expressed its support for another proposal. This is the content related to the “owner reserve” required according to the data held, such as information and processing on XRP leisure. It is currently stipulated that 5XRP is required for each item, but FTSO.EU has proposed to reduce this reserve to 2XRP. Wietse Wind also last monthtwitterHas shown their support for lowering to 2XRP.

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About flare network

FTSO.EU is a project to provide Oracle to the flare network. It plays a role in providing price data from multiple sources such as cryptocurrency exchanges and decentralized exchanges (DEX).

Flair Network is a RippleX-funded project aimed at implementing smart contracts for XRP leisure. It is planned to launch around June, and Spark tokens will be granted (airdrop) according to the amount of XRP held.

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Author: K. Kobayashi
Reference: XRP Ledger Project

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