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LONDON (ICIS)–The manufacture of fertilizer
and by-product C02 is making headline news in
the UK, although the end of ammonium nitrate
production by CF Industries has far greater
ramifications for the global market.

Inventories are low throughout the fertilizer
chain following a period of planned and
unplanned outages and strong demand in H1 2021,
and this has limited the availability of key
nitrogen fertilizers.

Prices for all nitrogen fertilizers are moving
higher on a daily basis and the demand season
has only just started. Some are already above
levels seen during the 2007-2008 financial

The ICIS Fertilizer team gives its view on the
current market situation and the impact across
the globe.

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listen in a new window.

Please also visit the ICIS topic
on the effect of natural gas prices on
the fertilizer market

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