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The city will likely bid out the project this spring and construction will start in the summer.

Assistant City Engineer Nick Smith said the road will remain open for the project. The three-lane road will have two lanes of traffic during construction.

Impacts on traffic should be minimal and there shouldn’t be delays because of construction, Smith said.

The project will last about four months.

Beavercreek continues to work on several projects in 2021 that began last year. Those include the Kemp Road and the Dayton-Xenia Road widening projects. Those projects are estimated to cost about $2.6 million and $3 million, respectively. The city will also continue to work on Kemp Road signal improvements. This project will cost about $700,000 when completed.

All three of those projects are partially grant-funded.

Beavercreek will also complete some deferred maintenance from the 2019 and 2020 construction seasons that had to be reduced because of the city’s tornado recovery efforts. The city has been reimbursed for the majority of the tornado-related expensed and about $2.9 million has been directed to road, side path and curb maintenance in 2021.

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