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Metal Shop Masters is a brand new series to Netflix in 2021. The show sees seven talented welders take part in a competition series to become the ultimate Metal Shop Master. Some of the welders have been inspired into their lie of work since they were young, others have taken up welding as a hobby later in life.

The new show dropped on Netflix on September 10th, 2021. Ivan, Lou and the rest of the gang have shown off their skills right from the get-go. Let’s find out more about Metal Shop Masters contestant Rae, including where she’s from, her career and her Instagram.

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Who is Rae from Metal Shop Masters?

Rae is one of seven contestants taking part in Netflix’s Metal Shop Masters.

She’s 35 years old and comes from Big Springs, Texas.

During Metal Shop Masters episode 1, Rae said: “I try to be as positive as possible all the time, like an annoying ray of sunshine, hence the name.

She added: “I’m a full-time welder fabricator, sculptor, builder painter, I’m a one-woman show.

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Rae Ripple’s career

All of the contestants on Metal Shop Masters have different journeys. By the sounds of Rae’s, she had a pretty hard time when she was younger, but finding welding helped her out.

She said: “I think welding did help save me in a way. I was raised by two parents with addictions. I ran away from home when I was 14.

Rae then had a daughter at 17 years old and after finding art, welding and fabrication she said she slowly started to become who she think she was supposed to be.

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Meet Rae on Instagram

Today, Rae can be found on Instagram with over 130k followers @raeripple.

Rae writes in her bio: “I weld and ride motorcycles.

The 35-year-old often takes to Instagram to share her work, her hobbies and her life in general with her followers.

Rae’s daughter also features on her feed. On August 31st, Rae took to IG to share that her daughter had been in hospital as she has Addison’s disease. On September 1st, Rae updated her followers that her daughter was on the mend.

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