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The big question around Eternals, the new movie by Marvel Studios, is how this group of almost divine characters will connect with the superheroes we know. However, it seems that the idea here is not just to introduce a new group to this already well-populated pantheon, but to make the film as a whole resonate with everything we’ll see in the Marvel Cinematographic Universe (MCU, its acronym in English ) from then on.

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According to producer Nate Moore, the events of Eternals will generate a sort of ripple effect throughout all other Phase releases 4, that is, the story of the film will leave significant marks on all others to come. And this, according to him, is not only related to the Eternals, but also to the Deviant and Celestials, who will be introduced and developed in the plot.

According to producer, Eternos’ impact on the MCU will be much greater than just introducing new characters (Image: Reproduction/Marvel Studios)

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More than that, for Moore, all these concepts presented in the film will almost serve as a backbone for the other films. And even though he didn’t make it clear exactly what this means in practical terms, the speech makes it very clear the importance that Eternos will have for the construction of the MCU from now on.

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As the producer suggests, it’s not just about introducing new characters that will appear in other films, as we have seen many times in previous origin stories, but from something with an impact on the entire cinematographic universe and on the story that is being told. And that’s where some hypotheses arise.

The first of them is related to some event that will be linked to the Eternals . As already revealed, these divine heroes will have to prevent an almost apocalyptic event called The Emergence and it is very likely that this will end up generating consequences that will be explored in other productions, much like Thanos’s blip. And, as no one knows what it is, it could be anything, like another exploration of the multiverse or even something that could give rise to mutants, for example. Again: it can be anything.

Such impact may represent a greater participation of Celestials in MCU (Image: Reproduction/Marvel Studios)

At the same time, the cascade effect mentioned by the producer may refer to some concepts that the film will bring, such as the Celestials themselves. These beings who are considered the great deities of the Marvel universe have already been mentioned in the MCU in Guardians of the Galaxy, but the true presentation should take place in Eternals and this may be being done to bring these characters in the future into the saga that is being drawn now. Are they the answer to solve the mess in the multiverse?

All this just points to the importance of the new film for this story that is beginning to crawl. So far, Marvel Phase 4 has advanced much more in TV series than in theaters, and Eternals is the chance to see the first big breakthrough in this story on the big screen. The feature debuts here on November 4th and we hope that all this expectation that has been created comes true.

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