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CRYPTO BITLORD, a crypto enthusiast and frequent patron on Twitter, published a petition on urging Ripple to stop merging XRP tokens, dropping their price.

“Ripple continues to pour billions of XRP on us, dropping the price! It is amazing how such behavior can be widespread in the world of cryptocurrencies. Of course, we know that XRP is a good coin with significant potential, but this must be stopped, ”the petition says .

The author also lamented that positive news is being released daily, the company is cooperating with ever new banks, but the coin still continues to fall.

“The only logical explanation is that Ripple is throwing coins at us.” Moreover, the amounts are not small – literally billions , ”added CRYPTO BITLORD, referring to the company’s report .

In conclusion, the author suggested that if Ripple stopped flooding the market with XRP, the price of the coin would soar soon, as in the “good old days”.

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