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Environmental sustainability has been a pain point for the blockchain industry. While the proposition of blockchain technology is more than interesting, it comes at a cost. The original proof-of-work consensus mechanism, while offering high security and decentralization, comes at a trade-off of sustainability. Hence, a lot of altcoins have entered the market for the sole purpose of figuring out a way around this problem while others have improvised.  

Cardano and Ripple are considered to be two of the major sustainable cryptocurrencies. Both work in their own unique ways while also figuring out how to solve the problem of environmental sustainability in the market. In this article, we will take an overview of two of the major cryptocurrencies to figure out which one is more sustainable so keep reading! 

Cardano vs Ripple 

The fifth-largest cryptocurrency has vowed towards environmental sustainability by launching a Global Impact Challenge through which hit aims to create a Cardano forest. The forest, as of now, is 100% funded. Cardano also runs through a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism which is lauded as more sustainable by consuming less energy as it eliminates the energy-intensive mining procedure. The staking gives it an edge as the technology is regarded to consume 99% less energy than proof-of-stake. ADA has been known to be one of the most environment-friendly blockchains because of its technology. The founder of the cryptocurrency has stated that the network uses only 6 GWh of power. 

Ripple has been in the market longer than Cardano as XRP was discovered in 2012 and ADA in 2017. Moreover, XRP is a fully developed cryptocurrency while ADA is still on its development roadmap. The founder of XRP has been one of the most outspoken personalities about the environmental impacts of cryptocurrencies. Similar to ADA, XRP does not operate under Proof-of-Work but it also does not employ a Proof-of-Stake mechanism. Instead, it utilizes its own XRP Ledger Consensus Protocol which the network argues is also highly sustainable. Moreover, Ripple is also committed to going carbon neutral by 2030 which is a huge step. 


Cardano and Ripple both are top cryptocurrencies and are implementing huge steps to ensure environmental sustainability which, in our opinion, makes both the tokens much more attractive. If you are looking to invest in sustainable and greener coins, diversify your portfolio and go for both. 

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