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Cardano is ranked at #12 on coinmarketcap according to the latest available data. The price of ADA rests at $0.062729, after a 2.32% increase was noted. The trading volume recorded is $67.005 million, and the supply contains 25,927,070,538 ADA tokens as of this moment.

The total market cap of Cardano is $1.626 billion. Stellar is a little ahead of Cardano, with its market cap being at $1.82 billion [roughly], these two coins will have a tough competition in the near future.

The University Blockchain Research Initiative is a project meant for donating $50 million to educational institutions. This was a measure undertaken to drive crypto-adoption. Studies involving blockchain technology are also encouraged.

Ripple is in the green zone for now. The price of XRP is at $0.330985, and a growth rate of 1.30% was observed. The supply has 42,832,704,971 XRP tokens in play. The trading volume recorded is $1.135 billion. The total market cap of Ripple is $14.176. The supply has been growing since its inception, and Ripple is in-charge of more than 60% of it.

This is an event scheduled for the following week:

The Foundation is looking for new workers. The post of a Community Manager in China is empty, and is expected to be filled up soon. The team is working towards improving liquidity and scalability, in an effort to drawn in more institutional investors.

Cardano and Ripple are like polar opposites, as one is decentralized, whereas and other solutions are predominantly centralized. The dump of XRP will continue till 2025, by when the whole supply will be out.

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