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BROAD RIPPLE — Neighbors are unhappy with people putting non-recyclable materials in the Broad Ripple materials in the Broad Ripple recycling bins.

Someone in that neighborhood posted a photo on the Nextdoor app showing where someone put a toilet in the recycling bin.

In addition to that, the recycling area was covered with litter because individuals did not take care to make sure items actually make it into the bin. And if that’s not enough, some people brought Christmas trees the the bin. Those tress should go to the south side of the park in a designated area.

“It bothers me a lot. there are a lot of us doing things right,” said are resident, Unique Lloyd. “People want to get rid of their stuff quickly without really thinking about there are people who are gonna have to cleanup after you. When you should have done it. “

Last year 274 tons of recyclable material was collected from the Broad Ripple location.

Signs are posted that list what items are acceptable for recycling. If you have other material you want to dispose of, you should consider heavy trash day, and tox drop.

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