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Wax stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange, and WAXP is its native token.   Cryptocurrency is a compelling investment opportunity, and it is important for everyone to have it in their investment portfolio.

WAX io tweeted:  “Today @dAppradar released its “Q1: Dapp Ecosystem Trends” report with exciting highlights about the $WAX #Blockchain: WAX is the LEADER in the other protocols race holding 44% of total daily active wallets.  WAX is leading the pack in daily activity.”

Topps, one of the most prestigious producers of trading cards and collectibles in the world, chose WAX to get into the blockchain space.

When talking about Wax partnership, Tobin Lent, VP Topps Digital, stated that Topps has several years of experience in operating a robust platform that is used for the process of buying, selling, and trading digital items.  He further stated that Wax cares about user experience and focuses on building a platforms for fans, therefore, helping them collect things they love to connect with each other.

Tobin Lent stated that they believe in the potential of blockchain technology and will further continue to expand and explore their efforts with 100% commitment to innovation. And that blockchain was an enabler of their portfolio of mobile apps.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “It is not necessary to invest in crypto whether Bitcoin or Wax considering their historical value. When it comes to crypto, a purely holistic approach in investment does not work.”

Going forward, tweaking strategies is important, and the focus should be on the practical business applications and the scope of improvement of the investment.

Wax WAXP Market Growth Obviously Promising

The Blockchain value creation stack starts from intellectual property layer, infrastructure layer, base protocol layer, application protocol layer, service layer, and application layer.

The financial markets are evolving with changes in technology, regulation, distributed ledger technology, and other market changes.

Cryptocurrency is special, and the user base is small and at a very early stage in terms of enterprise adoption. However, it has generated the highest returns when compared to all major asset classes. These are the early days of crypto, and it is not late to invest. Increasing numbers of blockchain solutions are being built than ever before.  The market growth is obviously promising.

Long-term investments are ideal for nascent markets, and therefore for the cryptocurrency, the long term approach matters. Payments, cross border settlements, decentralized finance, stable coins, and cloud wallets, tokenized real-world assets, data collection, and transfer, and gaming are the major sectors that show promising growth in terms of using the blockchain technology.

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