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Covering the specifics on Blockchain technology

There was a meeting on Friday the 15th 2019, that saw members of parliament and the European Blockchain Foundation meet up with members from the Tweede Kamer der staten-Generaal in the Hague, Netherlands.

The discussion was about how to proceed with regulations in Europe within the Blockchain space in order to get more major companies into this growing market as the Blockchain space is a dynamic and changing space that moving at a fast rate.

At the meeting was Bart Brands, the co-founder of the European Blockchain Foundation and Caroline Nagtegaal-Van Doorn.

Seeing how the Blockchain industry has changed over time into a more cryptocurrency friendly ecosystem, the EBF wanted to show the potential of this technology at the Dutch parliament with members of the ruling political party in the Netherlands, VVD (Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie).

Other members of the Parliament included Martin Wörsdörfer, together with Roald van der Linde were also present to share some insights on developments and regulation withing the European Union.

The application of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies were covered on a wide scale as the history of bitcoin was tackled on and its effects throughout the global economy within the past few years.

Cryptolinenews was also present in order to ask questions and share insights on how the cryptocurrency market has been moving over the past few years as regulations in the space has been unclear to many with the growing number of new digital currencies and Blockchain projects being put on the market.

However, members of the parliament noted that the technology can stand on it´s own, with most of the projects still in there infancy. It is important to see how the economy will react to these new forms of payment transactions without the need for an intermediaries.

The event also saw members of Blockdata, who gave an introduction and outline of how they were managing to make applications and research of Blockchain protocols easier for the general public through providing the tools and knowledge necessary for engagement in the growing ecosystem.

Also present was Partners of AXE, Unibright, EUCX, Leep network and the Hague University in order to share information on the developments in the respective companies and institutions.

The meeting was a success with members of parliament eager to see where this technology will go within the coming years, and how it will change the world of banking, governance and the future of finance in the European Union.

What are your thoughts on how regulation should be approached? Feel free to leave your comment down below.

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