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Russia is setting a great new example when it comes to the education of cryptocurrencies. The oldest and largest business school in the country is offering a one-month program for lawyers to educate them about legislation of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The program is first of its kind in the country, and it’s titled “Legal basis and practice of working with cryptocurrency and blockchain projects”. Hosted by the Plekhanov University of Economics, the course will focus on legislative aspects of crypto and blockchain in both Russian as well as international jurisdictions.

The program has been co-founded by Efficient Business Resources law firm, IT Technologia (a provider of IT services), and the Russian parliament. Alexander Zhuravlev, the managing partner of Efficient Business Resources, was quoted by Russian website Politika Segodnya stating that the course will begin from November 23, and it will cover cryptocurrencies, ICOs, exchanges, smart contracts, mining, and implementation of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) in both public as well as private sector. KYC and AML procedure guidelines will also be the part of this curriculum.

Experts from the world of academia, law and business will address the lectures for this one month program. Some prominent lecturers include Gerbert Shopnik, the CEO of Bitfury’s Russian arm, and Alexander Mikhailov, the director of Russia’s blockchain-powered organic food farmers’ cooperative and restaurant chain (this chain has its own token).

The participants of this programme will also visit upper and lower houses of Russian legislature and will share their ideas about the regulation of digital economy (especially about the regulation of blockchain and cryptocurrencies) with the legislators. They’ll also get a chance to interact with the representatives of – a Russian internet giant.

In the meantime, the status of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in Russia remains unregulated. It will be interesting to see how inputs provided by the students of this new program help in the formulation of cryptocurrency regulation in Russia. But whether that happens or not, Russia has certainly set an example for the rest of the world.

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