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The bill that seeks to regulate cryptocurrencies as a sort of payment arrangement may have its text altered in the Special Committee. The House of Deputies opened on Monday (15) deadline for the proposals to be submitted for the amendment to the PL 2.303/15.

According to the decision published at the beginning of the month on the House page, five sessions will be held in the Special Committee. The federal deputies may, through these sessions, point out possible modifications to the text of the proposal by federal Member Áureo Ribeiro   (Solidarity/RJ).

The decision to open the deadline for the submission of amendments to the bill 2.303/15, came one day after the commission appointed Deputy federal Expedito Netto (PSD/RO) as rapporteur.

Netto had already been the rapporteur for this same project before it was filed. At the time, the deputy came up to suggest the prohibition of bitcoins and other similar assets.

Other Regulation design

Concomitantly with this project, another proposal for the regulation of cryptocurrencies is processed. Also authored by Ribeiro, the PL 2.060/19 brings a different perspective of the old project.

This proposal had as rapporteur appointed by the Committee on Economic Development, industry, trade and Service (CDEICS), deputy Federal Alexis Fonteyne (Novo/SP).

The new project suggests that cryptocurrencies be treated as a kind of value furniture. There is in the text until the purpose of the inclusion of these assets in an expressway in the law 6.385/76. Therefore, the competence to exercise the supervision would become the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM)

In the 2015 project that was defiled in March of that year, however, the treatment for these assets was another. The author of the proposal brought the cryptocurrencies as a sort of payment arrangement to be regulated by the Central bank.   For this same purpose, Ribeiro still suggested similar treatment to airline miles, which was not included in the new project.

Joined projects

Despite the differences, the two purposytures should be joined if the request of the federal Deputy Eduardo Cury (PSDB/SP) is attended. Cury presented the proposal of Apensamento of PLs 2.606/19 and 2.303/15 for believing that they would be treating the same object.

For him, the subjects are correlated, because in both projects authored by the federal deputy   Áureo Ribeiro   (Solidarity/RJ) “Have the purpose of regulating virtual currencies and the common goal of granting transparency to this modality of and combat any fraud and illegality. ”

Ribeiro said, however,   in an interview with the Bitcoin Portal, which presented the new project attached to the old to buy time only and what we would have were two different bills of law.

“I’ve separated the air miles from the cryptocurrencies. We will discuss two different projects. This new project will be attached to the old one to buy time. “

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