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If no organization works towards eliminating these hindrances, the cryptocurrency industry will never become a legitimate part of the global financial industry. Security is another issue that needs to be taken care of at every step. All along investors have been comfortable trading with the interface of traditional online trading through common trading portals. But cryptocurrency trading presents a completely different perspective compared to conventions. Yet organizations have been vying to make it convenient for traders and investors to create a platform that would effectively balance both formats.

Not losing touch with the basics

The IronX Exchange seamlessly intermingles cryptocurrencies trading with traditional online trading through a common trading portal. Additionally, it also provides benefits to the holders of its native token IRX in using both its platforms IronFX Group trading platform and the IronX Platform providing traditional online trading on spot FX, CFDs, futures, commodities, and much more.

The task of bridging the gap between traditional finance and crypto trading has been the mainstay of several crypto enterprises but how many have succeeded? IronX Exchange stands as a successful venture that is the end-solution to many of the existing problems.

Lack of futuristic tech tools

The lack of optimized technical architecture in exchanges makes it less conducive to trading activities. New users who are not acclimatized to the trading atmosphere find it complex to use. IronX has an advanced platform that doesn’t make it complicated for new users. The architecture has been mandated for tackling global-level transactions, error detection, fail-safe modes, encrypted Transport Layer Security (TLS) connections, and the undeniable 2-facto authentication through Google Authenticator application.

All the new deposits go-to cold wallets from the stated online system to undisclosed locations. Only a limited number of tokens hee are stored in semi-cold wallets on machines that are doubly protected with locked drives under strict internal operating procedures. The terminal is built with advanced technology that lets users trade without any fuss on the listed IronX currency pairs.

Lack of Liquidity

Most crypto exchanges do not have dynamic order books which means that the list of buyers and sellers is not fastidiously updated. New users then become skeptical about beginning crypto trading. You can’t then blame the investors for not pushing liquidity

Emerging crypto exchanges lack dynamic order booking facilities. In the absence of a continuously updated list of buyers and sellers, new users are skeptical about starting crypto trading. This creates low liquidity in the market, which has been a consistent problem in this industry. Traders often face extensive slippage in trading cryptocurrencies, which makes the digital asset an unpopular investment instrument. The IronX Exchange is all about a coherent melding with traditional online trading to allow access to the FX market with the best and the deepest liquidity available at the global level. It has a dynamic database for new traders with a new set record of 1 million transactions per second.

Fiat money restrictions

Imagine a situation in which an exchange you are dealing with does not allow deposits in fiat money. As a new investor, you will be demotivated and would prefer to withdraw from the idea of entering the market. How will the markets expand if there are no new entrants in the market. This is another problem that hinders progress and IronX exchange believes inaction that allows seamless fiat deposits and withdrawals boosted by the interconnection of the platform with leading crypto-powered financial bodies existing globally.

What will drive innovation?

Innovation can stem either from a future-oriented outlook or when problems emerge but it is the end-user who will benefit and that is an ideal situation. With more and more organizations joining the ranks, it is on them to provide the convenience of easy trading, liquidity, security, and flexibility, according to Yuki Terai Director of IronX Sales in Japan.

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