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The company is expected to release code on Sunday to run nodes on telegram’s open network (TON), allowing users to try out the project before the project’s expected main network is released on October 31.

TON Labs, a technology start-up controlled by Telegram’s token sales investors, is building a range of tools for developers to help them build on new networks. One tool will be the Solidity compiler, which will allow decentralized applications built for Ethereum to run on TON, said Alexander Filatov, chief executive and managing partner of TON Labs.

Filatov says: “This is probably the most difficult thing for us. It will allow the advanced Ethereum community to incorporate everything they write for Ethereum into THE TON”.

As mentioned above, TON is expected to launch on October 31. If not, Telegram will refund the investor’s token sales in accordance with its user agreement.

Filatov said Sunday’s release will be the most important phase of TON’s rollout, saying: “We don’t have much time between node release and master network release to test, identify and fix possible vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities.

” The light customer’s code was shared with investors earlier this year and immediately leaked to the public.

Filatov says the customer allows users to play with some of the basic functions of the TON blockchain.

“You can play GRAMs, write a simple smart contract to talk to nodes through a light client and create a wallet,” Filatov said.

Telegram raised at least $1.7 billion in 2018 for its highly anticipated blockchain project.

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