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In what appears to be one gigantic goof, Google removed the official Chrome extension of the Metamask Ethereum wallet from the Chrome Web Store but left a fake one unharmed.

The incident happened yesterday, and the Metamask team says Google provided no prior warning of explanation for their actions.

Google did eventually restore the extension a few hours later, but not after it received intense criticism online, on sites such as Reddit or Twitter.

Google also removed the clone Metamask extension, which used Metamask name and branding to promote itself.

According to Jonathan Sampson, a developer for the Brave browser, that extension appears to have been malicious, as it used an email address that was previously used in phishing operations.

Many suggested that incident might have happened after Google’s staff tried to ban the clone, but banned the original extension instead. Google didn’t provide a follow-up explanation to the Metamask team following the incident.

Metamask is a new type of application that implements the new Ethereum decentralized apps (DApps) concept that lets developers build apps that can interact with the Ethereum platform directly, without having to run an Ethereum node through which to funnel operations.

DApps is how the Opera and Brave development teams have added built-in Ethereum wallets to their browsers.

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