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Codebase Ventures Inc’s () (OTCMKTS:BKLLF) blockchain subsidiary Arcology is testing a popular Ethereum-based game called CryptoKitties on its own internal network. 

The game, which lets players buy and sell digital kittens using ethereum, can cause major network congestion because of its high transaction volume. 

Arcology, however, has a solution that allows multiple transactions to be processed in parallel and is designed so that transaction processing can scale up linearly, based upon the number of computers available. 

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The idea is to show Ethereum developers that popular crypto apps like CryptoKitties can work on the Arcology network by demonstrating its technical advantages, scalability and transaction per second speed.

“CryptoKitties was the major event within the whole blockchain industry when the overall challenge of scalability became evident.” Arcology President Laurent Zhang said in a statement. “This Arcology test serves as a showcase, with the goal of demonstrating Arcology’s technical superiority. It is an internal test, a prelude for our public benchmarking and demonstration in the near future.”

Going forward, Arcology hopes to attract developers to its network and says that minimal migration costs and full ethereum compatibility make it an ideal destination.

Besides Arcology, Vancouver-based Codebase targets early-stage investment in cannabis, media and other industries. It operates a cannabis investment arm called Code Cannabis and an anti-fake news operation called Pressland, among others.

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