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Sixgill LLC, a data automation and authenticity solutions provider, has launched Sixgill Integrity 1.0, a blockchain-enforced data authenticity solution.

The company provides real-time data authenticity assurance with capabilities to monitor and guarantee the authenticity of any data stream, including time-series data, according to a statement.

Integrity provides organizations assurance that the data they create, transmit, process, act on, and store, remains unchanged and tamperproof throughout its lifecycle. Sixgill has chosen a hybrid, on-chain/off-chain architecture for the solution. It ensures that organizations benefit from the security, transparency, and immutability of private and public blockchain networks while using off-chain capabilities for storing, processing, verifying and safely operationalizing data.

“In today’s highly digitized and data-intensive world, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of data has become a mission-critical concern. Any data compromise whatsoever can have a disastrous business, operational, legal, regulatory, or even life-threatening consequences. Sixgill Integrity improves on the unrivaled integrity of blockchain by adding in real-time operational speed and scale that today’s organizations require,” Phil Ressler, CEO of Sixgill stated.

Sixgill Integrity 1.0

It combines the maximum-integrity properties of distributed ledger technology (DLT) with the speed of a modern distributed data system. By combining DLT and Edge computing, Integrity is able to use blockchain and cryptography to completely authenticate data origin and verify data content and chronology.

The solution provides organizations with data lifecycle immutability, rules engine, functionality that is data, device, and ledger-agnostic, a dashboard for rules and operations monitoring along with real-time analytics, automated real-time alerts, device authenticity validation, and deployment to a single cloud. Its SaaS version will be introduced in 2020, according to the supplier.


Sixgill provides data automation and authenticity products and services that enable organizations to govern IoE assets. With its solutions, organizations easily acquire, analyze and act on IoE data, at any velocity or scale. The company also offers Sense for IoE data enrichment and automation, Sense Vision for ML-based camera data intelligence, and Integrity for blockchain-based authenticity. HyperLabel, by Sixgill, is a desktop application for creating, automating, updating, and managing annotated datasets for machine learning.

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