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Chainbreakers, a Virtual Reality (VR) platform developed on the blockchain, has announced the release of an official desktop-viewable teaser demo for its upcoming game. According to the Decentraland-based RPG game, the official announcement will seek to address three key areas before the scheduled release of the game later on.

As described by Chainbreakers’ official tweet the development team deployed is making efforts to establish the infrastructure and give expecting players a sight of what they should expect.

We Have Three Major Announcements Today

  1. We deployed a @decentraland SDK demo of the temple sceneAn honor system has been integrated- It’s accessible via Discord
  2. We will do a cross-over with @neondistrictRPG soon
  3. (@cchainbreakers) November 28, 2018

Gaming Insights

The desktop demo version is the second teaser release this month in anticipation for the launch of Chainbreakers. Earlier, in the month another demo revealed through a video featured a temple scene with some non-playable characters (NPCs), revealing the game’s profiles diversity. Players of the blockchain game may also get an array of weapons judging from the weapons vault present in the teaser video. That presents players with the opportunity of various opposing factions to fight it out on different levels.

Chainbreakers have also unveiled a new honor system that establishes a rewards mechanism for the players. Users receive the non-fungible tokens or (NFTs) as rewards for successfully purchasing in-game assets and participating in community engagement. Additionally, the prestige tokens are also tradable and can be used by LAND investors and level designers on Chainbreakers parcels.

The announcement also ushers in Chainbreakers partnership with Neon District, another RPG-based multiplayer ecosystem. The collaboration between the blockchain based firms will seek to develop a cross-over for use on Decentraland’s platform. Ultimately, this will attract players within the crypto gamespace to explore more of Decentraland.

Growing Popularity Of Blockchain Games

Despite the negativity facing crypto adoption, gaming is an innovative and less complicated way to reach the masses. Chainbreakers hopes that by revealing some aspects of the gaming mechanics, they could give a better idea of how it is like to play and what it may look like. Through such actions, Chainbreakers anticipates encouraging the crypto community to have fun while playing quests and still get to use their favorite cryptocurrency during gameplay.

About Chainbreakers

Chainbreakers is a blockchain-based quest game developed to capture a fictional rendition of Ancient Greece. The main game’s theme revolves the idea of a corrupt and evil regime, and players get to team up to oppose the authoritarian government and its ruling elite. As the plot unfolds, players move from one level to another, exploring more and more of Decentraland.

About Decentraland

Decentraland is an Ethereum backed virtual platform that is created and owned by its users. In its virtual world, characters get to purchase plots of LAND which can they monetize, build on or later traverse. MANA is Decentraland’s cryptocurrency token that one can use to buy the parcels of LAND or pay for real-world products.

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