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In 2018 Bitcoin captivated the globe and billions turned to google to find out more about cryptocurrencies.

Google’s annual Year in Search has just been published. The report is a powerful digital record of global phenomenons and events that captivated the world.

In 2018, ‘What is Bitcoin’ was the most searched term in Google’s ‘What Is…’ category.

bitcoin google
“What is…” searches on in 2018

Interest for the search was highest in African nations.

The most ‘What is Bitcoin’ searches came from Ghana, followed by Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia and the United States.

bitcoin google
“What is Bitcoin” interest by region.

‘How to Buy Ripple’

Google’s 2018 ‘How to…’ searches show ‘How to Buy Ripple’ was searched more than ‘How to buy Bitcoin’

‘How to Buy Ripple’ ranked fourth in ‘How to…’ searches, while ‘How to buy Bitcoin’ ranked eighth.

bitcoin google
“How to…” searches on in 2018

The most searched term globally in 2018 was ‘World Cup’.

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