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John Oliver is known for his eloquent explanations of complex topics like net neutrality. Now he’s turning his attention to the Internet’s favorite topic of the moment: Bitcoin. It’s “everything you don’t understand about money combined with everything you don’t understand about computers,” quips Oliver, correctly.

The 25 minute video uses $15,000 Beanie Babies, an interview with a man using chicken McNuggets as a metaphor for blockchain, a video of Brock Pierce (The Mighty Ducks child actor turned crypto-entrepreneur) talking about his unicorn wedding at Burning Man, and a HODLGANG rap music video to explain the phenomenon. (“Hodl” is a slang term used in the Bitcoin community meaning to “hold onto” the cryptocurrency and not sell).

“The important thing to remember here is this is a brand new, very complicated space and literally nobody knows how it’s going to develop, so you need to be careful,” warns Oliver. “I know that sounds boring, caution is a tough sell when you’re up against BitConnect and HODLGANG.”

It’s worth a watch if you’re still confused by bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies in general… bro.

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