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Bitcoin community members are taking to Twitter to say that over the past week banks have been freezing their accounts when they purchase BTC

Now, that the COVID-19 pandemic is still on the loose, even Wall Street hedge funds believe Bitcoin to be a safe haven asset, along with gold. The ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ author Robert Kiyosaki has also turned out to be a rigorous BTC supporter, putting it right next to gold and silver.

However, banks still seem to be considering Bitcoin as their enemy and are freezing the accounts of customers who are buying BTC. Retail BTC investors have been discussing the situation on Twitter.

‘My bank account was frozen today’

Twitter user @HealThyself15 has published a post where he states that he got his bank account frozen after he began purchasing Bitcoin about a week ago. However, a half-hour phone call to the bank solved that problem.

“My bank account was frozen today because I’ve been buying #bitcoin all week. So I had to call my bank and wait on hold for 30 minutes to talk to someone to unfreeze it. Which was a good reminder of why I was buying Bitcoin in the first place.”

Canadian banks block Coinbase BTC purchases

Another Twitter user supported @HealThyself15 in the comment thread, sharing a similar experience from Canada. He mentioned, particularly, that banks are blocking purchases on the Coinbase exchange.

@Stan_Raz tweets:

“In Canada banks block coinbase purchases and you have to call to unblock. I had to call 3-4 different times and then I convinced some other to buy and they had the same issue. #fuckbanks”

User @TomasPhilosophy shared his experience when sending money to Coinbase:

“My bank calls me every time i transfer money to Coinbase. Just talked with them actually. “Where did you get this account info from? A friend?” “Do you have an account there or?”

A considerable amount of other users shared similar experiences in that comment thread.

BoA blocking top execs’ accounts over Bitcoin

Previously, U.Today reported that a former top executive of PayPal, Roelof Botha, had his account closed by Bank of America after being a customer for twenty years.

The community assumed that Botha had been buying Bitcoin. Curiously, apart from being a former PayPal top executive, Botha is also a major venture investor in Silicon Valley.

Tron CEO Justin Sun later tweeted that the same bank had frozen his account as well.

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