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1irstcoin is ranked at #97 according to the latest data obtained from coinmarketcap. The price of FST dropped by 33.37% in the course of the past 24-hours. The trading volume recorded is $0.040 million, while the supply has 6,125,706 FST tokens in play as of this moment. The total market cap of 1irstcoin is $57.198 million. The price of FST is at $9.34 for now.

For the last two days, FST was one of the top gainers in the market. However, as we can clearly see, the coin has sustained huge losses in a span of hours. This is commonly known as the “pump-and-dump” phenomenon, by which a coin soars due to pressure from buyers [who are essentially controlling the flow in the market] and then suddenly dumped in order to make those responsible richer.

Similar instances have been noted for Japan Content Token as well. The main website is filled with flaws, and a vague whitepaper is presented. However, JCT has been subject to “pump-and-dump” schemes many times during the past month. Such actions are made by developers and those in-charge who wish to get richer every day by preying on unsuspecting investors plagued with FOMO.

Japan Content Token is ranked at #78 presently. It was a huge winner in the market a day back, and now the price has come down to $0.258676. A plunge rate of 7.80% was noted. The trading volume recorded is $0.369 million, whereas the supply has 293,150,782 JCT tokens involved currently. The total market cap of Japan Content Token is $75.831 million.

Beware of low-ranked altcoins who go through immensely unpredictable periods of volatility. Majority of altcoins exists in order to make others give up tokens which matter [as Bitcoin, Litecoin and top currencies are used to make transactions and buy FST, JCT and some like XMax]. Tread carefully, as this is exactly what the regulators are referring to when they talk about “volatility” in the market. Make the wise choice, invest in projects like Cardano, Monero, and few more. Think of your future, and the advent of blockchain technology and you won’t regret your decisions.

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