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Roubini Caps Off Year of Self-Ridicule With a Hall of Shame and a New Word for Altcoins

Nouriel Roubini has capped off his self-belittling 2018 with a “Hall of Shame” tweet aimed at the crypto community. In it, the notorious crypto-bashing economist created a Hall of Shame for altcoins, and in a hasty keyboard misstep inadvertently invented a new word for them.

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Roubini’s Happy New Year Tweet–Announcing a Shitcoin Hall of Shame

Nouriel Roubini announced a “Shitcoin Hall of Shame” in his December 31st tweet:

Cardano ADA topped the list with almost 94 percent losses for 2018, with the top three rounded out by Bitcoin Gold and BCH (presumably referring to ABC). The good doctor, it seems, continues to revel in the misfortune of others. How thorough he was in researching the worst performing coins for 2018 is questionable. He ends by bundling all other altcoins together as suffering 95-99 percent losses. So how he came up with the specific “Shitcoin Hall of Fame”, topped by Cardano, seems random.

Roubini has been no stranger to cryptotwitter angst. Bitsonline covered ten highlights from his October 2018 Twitter rampage, wherein he went on a spree of hatred for crypto and everyone involved in it.

The “Roubini Twitter files” include “Crypto Lunatics, Barking Dogs, and a Motley Crew of Nuts”:

“A Cesspool of Stinking Shitcoins”:

And “Crypto Greedy Fiat Producers of Crappy Manure”:

Cashing in His Credibility For What?

There has been a great deal of speculation surrounding why Roubini appears to be prepared to sell his credibility as an economist for cryptotwitter infamy, much of it relating to financial gain of some description. All those allegations are unfounded thus far, but his level of engagement in spiteful cryptocurrency debate–for want of a better word–is clearly of out whack for a person of his position and stature.

Shicoins The New Buzzword

Roubini has invented a new word for altcoins. He signs off on his New Year’s Eve tweet with “For all other Shicoins 95-99%!”. Whether Shicoins will meme as successfully as SAFU did for CZ remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crypto world looks forward to a fruitful 2019, with Binance now announcing a platform for ICOs.

Have your say. Why is Roubini engaging in hateful speech on Twitter?

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