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Crypto strategist Michaël van de Poppe said investors should resist the fear of hijacking (FOMO).

Ethereum has gained 18% in the last seven days, while XRP has surged 115% in the same period, according to CoinGecko. As the market started to recover, Van de Poppe explained that traders need to be patient. “I feel like I should tweet this because I think a lot of people have this feeling. At this point, don’t feel FOMO on things like ETH or XRP, ”said the analyst,“ There will definitely be more bullish momentum in the coming months, but be protective of capital ”.

The Break Happens As You Get Closer To The Peaks

The analyst says there are “heavy signals” that the cryptocurrency market is entering a FOMO era, often quite recently to mid-market peaks. Unrealized profits are not realized profits and are realized only when you liquidate your positions. Crypto Michael made the following statements:

“If you’ve been in this market for the past three years, you know that the rising levels need to go down to test levels, especially from altcoin perspectives.”

Van de Poppe predicts that the altcoin market will dip in the coming weeks. In the first quarter of next year, he expects the start of a strong altcoin season:

“FOMO got its first sentence. Things have had a huge crash due to a minor correction of Bitcoin, which means we are not yet in its sub-season. We just saw a relaxation rally and the real sub season will be in the first quarter of next year. ”

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