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Bitcoin leads the rally that started yesterday and continues today. With the launch of Bitcoin’s fourth-largest bullish movement in history, it has seen significant increases in altcoins. Selcoin– the popular name of the Turkish Bitcoin community, evaluated the sharp price increase in Bitcoins and subcoins and shared his forecast.

Selcoin’s attention drew to $ 9,000 again when Bitcoin broke $ 8,500

Bitcoin saw a $ 1,000 increase yesterday. The famous Turkish analyst, who predicted successful Bitcoin forecasts, drew attention to $ 9,000 in parallel with his previous forecasts for Bitcoin, which saw 8,500 dollars. The analyst sees this critical level as the level that will ignite the roving of a new rise in Bitcoin and reiterated that the rise will not open until this level is broken.

When Bitcoin rises sharply, those who do not buy BTC at low prices are now considering back. Selcoin also touched upon this in his statements. Not being indifferent to the tremendous upward movement in Bitcoin, the analyst stated that the price movement was remarkable and implied that he was upset that he did not receive any more BTC than 7,550. He said,

“Whip is worthy of this rise. However, the upward trend will not be opened unless $9,000 is broken. Today’s steep ascent surprised me. When I saw this steep rise. I personally regret that I did not consider it more loaded.”

In the continuation of popular analyst statements, the weekly closing prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be the reference for the start of a new bull market. 

“My reference values are now in favour of the positive market. I think that if BTC throws above 9,000after a short accumulation in its area after today’s movement, the whole market will enter a nice uptrend in dollar terms.”

Selcoin’s comments on Altcoins

Selcoin also evaluated the subcoins in his statements. The analyst said that it is not clear at the moment that if the subcoins will move on a BTC basis. However, the analyst mentione that if BTC gives the confirmation he wants (closing over $ 9,000) it will enter an upward trend in its USD subcoins. 

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