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EOS is ranked at #8, under Binance Coin but to the north of Bitcoin SV on coinmarketcap. The price dove at a rate of 8.47% in the course of the past 24-hours. The trading volume recorded is $1.788 billion, whereas the supply has 929,436,681 EOS coins in play. As of this moment, EOS is priced at $3.23 and the total market cap of EOS is $3.004 billion.

David Pence associated with EOS USA was recently interviewed [you can watch the full video right here]. He compared EOS to LINUX [the latter is used to power computers; UNIX and LINUX systems are generally preferred by tech-experts due to their high level of security]. David attributes the success of LINUS to its customizable nature, this has led to hundreds being inspired by this OS.

Pence presumes that EOSIO will serve as the key basis for dozens of projects in the future. I don’t particularly agree with him, as EOS was advertised as a rival to Ethereum when it was released.

Ed Moya of Oanda Corps has confidence that altcoins will soon bounce back. Bitcoin and other projects have increased correlation this year, and indicators suggest that the season of altcoins may have already begun [for 2019]. Those heading exchanges think assume that altcoins may be on the verge of becoming extinct.

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