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Resistance is meant to occur near the $0.0638 and also at $0.077 if the price manages to have a good climb. Considering the fact that the chart has previously been bearish till 16th July, a big jump seems unlikely. Unless a new update propels ADA forward.

If you wish to take a look at the Delegation setup wizard in Daedalus, head to this page:

IOHK will be in-charge of development of the Cardano blockchain till the next year [Emurgo has a five-year contract with IOHK, and most of the funding comes as a result of their efforts]. By then, Shelley is expected to be fully implemented.

The testnet Daedalus 0.14 is presently running Cardano 1.6. Here’s a quick preview published a day ago on YouTube:

Cardano is a largely research-based network, where Ouroboros [Proof-of-stake algorithm] helps bring about a truly decentralized setup for mining. The IOHK Chief Scientist, Professor Aggelos Kiayias is at the helm of this project.

One chief function which Charles Hoskinson hopes to implement in Cardano is flawless interoperability. Charles doesn’t believe that Bitcoin and Ethereum are the only two that matter; and holds the opinion that co-existence being crucial for majority of coins in the system. Incidentally, the treasury system of DASH has served as inspiration for Charles.

Cardano is ranked at #11 according to the latest data obtained from coinmarketcap. The price of ADA fell by 2.15% in a span of the past 24-hours, which brought it down to $0.059178. The trading volume recorded is $42.384 million. The supply has 25,927,070,538 ADA tokens circulating as of this moment. The total market cap of Cardano is $1.534 billion.

Cardano has been a great gainer of this year. Till June, the price had risen by more than 80% since the year had begun. From the 26th June, the price has been trading in a bearish manner, due to the sellers capitalizing. There was support found near the $0.0494 level, from which ADA had a slight jump once again.

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