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Paymium is launching a hybrid cryptocurrency trading platform called Find out everything you need to know about the platform today in our review.

What Is describes itself as “your gateway to the internet of value.” The platform aims to make it easy for users to exchange value “as quickly and as easily as they exchange information today.”

In the future according to, multiple cryptocurrencies will co-exist and decentralized blockchain-based value networks will become mainstream. This will create an “internet of value” where we exchange value just like we send an email or any data online today.

This is where comes in:

“As a cryptocurrency exchange, will paly a major role in the Internet of Value’s ecosystem. It will be the marketplace where cryptocurrencies will be traded against each other, a gateway to and a bridge across the multiple value networks powered by different blockchains/cryptocurrencies.”

In more straightforward terms, is launching a cryptocurrency exchange. The cryptocurrency exchange will be a hybrid exchange with a centralized matching engine and decentralized settlement.

How Paymium’s Altcoin Crypto Exchange Works is built on top of the Paymium platform. Some of the core features of include a cryptocurrency exchange, decentralized settlement, and liquidity services.

Obviously, there are plenty of cryptocurrency exchanges available online today. What makes different?

Well, will focus on being fully compliant and transparent, and ultra-secure. The platform aims to be the preferred choice for institutional ICOs and token listings.

Another unique selling feature of is that it will offer centralized order books with decentralized settlement.

Today, most cryptocurrency exchanges rely on centralized technology. These centralized exchanges maintain custody of customer funds. They match trades across a centralized matching engine. All trades are completed with the exchange acting as a third party. Centralized exchanges result in higher fees and lower control for users. However, they also offer strong liquidity, fast order matching, and easy trading. isn’t going to be a decentralized exchange. Decentralized exchanges have a number of benefits – but also some downsides. They’re not as user-friendly, nor are they as high-volume.

That’s why wants to create a centralized exchange with decentralized settlement. That means users enjoy the benefits of a centralized exchange – including fast settlements, strong liquidity, and easy trading – with the security of a decentralized exchange.

Typically, we call this a hybrid exchange. Here’s how explains it in a recent blog post:

“The platform will combine a centralized custodial exchange with a decentralized “trustless” cross-chain “fair exchange” settlement. The centralized exchange will be low-latency and full-featured, with custody services, centralized order booking and efficient order matching. will cater to both institutional investors and retail investors. will have its own native utility token called BCIO. Features

Some of the core features of include:

Fully Compliant And Transparent: will have “exhaustive accounting records” that will be regularly audited. aims to comply with all applicable regulations and international laws.

Ultra-Secure And Non-Custodial: will not have control (custody) over the funds of customers. will use encrypted cold storage and cryptographic proof of reserves. It will also use fair exchange protocols to eliminate counterparty risk.

Reliable Infrastructure: will have minimal downtime “restricted to maintenance, or migration.” They also plan to offer resilience under high volume or DOS attacks with “no technical debt”.

Handpicked Digital Currencies:

All currencies listed on the platform will undergo a thorough selection process. will analyze cryptocurrencies based on their technical merits, their sustainability, and their deep protocol. This is designed not just to ensure high-quality tokens are listed on the platform, but also to ensure the security of the exchange isn’t compromised by a single problematic token.

Institutional ICO And Token Listings: will provide an ICO service to institutions interested in launching their own tokens.

High Performance Matching:

Retail and institutional investors can enjoy high performance matching, including a high availability and high scalability trade matching engine capable of supporting a deep orderbook across all pairs.

Basic And Advanced Orders: will have market, limit, stop loss, take profit, and trailing stop orders. Investors will also be able to set self-canceling and expiration orders.

24/7/365 Support: will have customer support available around the clock, 24/7/365.

Periodic Auctions: will periodically host auctions to bootstrap new currency markets with an efficient price discovery mechanism. These transparent auctions will take place several times a day.

Peer To Peer Lending: will have a peer-to-peer lending platform where users can borrow money from other users within the platform.

Short And Long Margin Trading:

Traders can borrow to open leveraged (or not) long and short positions guaranteed with a security margin.

Who’s Behind is led by founder and CEO Pierre Noizat, who is also the co-founder and CEO of Paymium. Paymium launched in 2011 as one of the world’s first bitcoin exchanges.

Prior to being involved with bitcoin, Noizat worked on cryptography in the digital television industry long before bitcoin was invented. He also has written numerous books and articles about bitcoin while speaking at conferences around the world. emphasizes that they’ve maintained secure, hack-free operations since 2013.

Other listed members of the team include Dominique Rodrigues (CTO), Pierre Tavernier (CMO), Laetitia Zito (CFO), and Pierre Michard (Lead Developer).

Paymium currently has 170,000+ registered users. BCIO Token ICO Details

The public sale will start on September, 17th 2018. You can go to the website and join their whitelist for updates. Conclusion

Paymium is launching a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange with the features of both a centralized exchange (like a centralized matching engine) and a decentralized exchange (like non-custodial storage and decentralized settlement). The goal is to cater to institutional investors and retail investors alike. You can learn more about the platform today at

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