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Iran is a nation in the Middle-East wherein the reception towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general has been mixed. Some have criticized the sanctions handed down by the crybaby Donald Trump, while some consider BTC to be “haram”. In spite of conflicting ideologies, a consensus was reached with regards to electricity schemes associated with mining.

The Iranian Economic Commission has established a tariff for miners, as reported by Financial Tribune just a day ago. According to Energy Minister Homayoon Ha’eri, the final scheme is yet to be released, and will be presented to the Cabinet of Iran for their views. The Cabinet comprises of political leaders handpicked by the President.

Factors such as fuel prices will probably influence the price associated with electricity consumed during mining. The leader of Iran Electrical Industry Syndicate, Ali Bakhshi had referred to a potential scheme being planned prior to this press release. As of now, electricity in Iran is quite cost-effective- 1 kWh is equivalent to $0.05 worth of power being consumed.

Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi, a spokeperson for the Energy Ministry had talked about the dire situation beforehand. An earlier report published had referred to the process of mining 1 bitcoin, and equated it to the electricity consumption involving 24 buildings, of a single year.

The Central Bank of Iran has also been pro-bitcoin, unlike the Reserve Bank of India. The latter organization has a childish approach towards cryptocurrencies, even though they are devising their very own blockchain platform.

Following this decision in Iran, many in the cryptosphere can rest at ease. Although the regulation needs to be passed by the Governments. This may cause Bitcoin to gain pace in the market, as it is showing signs of volatility.

BTC is priced at $10,600, and might sink beneath this point. A proper resolution from Iran can greatly aid all cryptocurrencies, as miners and buyers are expected to build from henceforth.

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