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According to the total market capitalization, the world’s largest and historically first cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) is experiencing a few days of a downtrend, enjoying a reclining level of 10,000 dollars today. While the BTC continues to make its way to its former level, investors of the leading altcoins continue their anxious anticipating.

In particular, a few days later, Litecoin (LTC), a block award-winning, XRP, which has long been unable to rise, and investors of such important cryptocurrencies cannot be fully thrilled with the rise of Bitcoin. With a recent tweet from Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, he implied that the new Altcoin season was coming, and with the ascension period of 2017, the new era was compared.

CZ: Altcoins are still a risky investment

Changpeng Zhao explained that the biggest difference between the 2017 altcoin season and the ‘ Next ‘ altcoin season was that the new era was not just about whitepaper. According to the CZ, cryptocurrencies in the new Altcoin season will also have their products and active users in addition to the whitepaper.

In addition, the CZ stressed that the altcoins are still risky, but the industry is now much healthier.


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