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  • TRON will not be listed with State of the dApps because it “doesn’t fit well with their ethos”
  • TRON’s whitepaper is allegedly plagiarised
  • Crypto experts explain why its popularity is not enough to be successful

State of the dApps has publicly announced that they are not going to list TRON projects. For this, they gave the reason that TRON community does not fit well with their ethos.

The overwhelming accusations against TRON are the main reasons. The intense marketing propaganda without a product is questionable, so is the allegation that there is plagiary in their white paper making them pretty much untrustworthy. Though some people would prefer to make a comparison with all the data, State of the dApps has decided not to list TRON in their directory.

About State of the DApps

The State of the dApps is a non-profit directory of dApps that run on various blockchains.

Initially, it was developed to list ethereum based projects but have since added Steem, POA and EOS blockchains to the list. The project was inspired by FreeCode, previously known as FreshMeat, a reference for Linux users.

This directory has grown to include many projects under different fields such as education, job markets, and health among others. It has also become the most used reference for ethereum blockchain projects.

The main aim of the State of the dApps is to create a connection between dApp creators and users. It is independent and open for collaborations as long as it benefits both parties. It has realised a lot of growth over time from its capable team and objectivity.

Tron is Popular but it’s not Enough

In the past few months, Tron has made waves in the crypto space, but it turns out, not many people are fully informed about it. Crypto experts are dismissing TRON as crypto that will succeed because it has no product, just a market cap of about 16 billion dollars and its activities are only titles and dates.

As if that’s not enough, TRON has also had its share of controversy. Instances such as the fact that there is no proof of concept or a product, also that its white paper is claimed to have plagiarised other projects. Justin Sun, the CEO of TRON, had a response for this claiming that the plagiary was as a result of poor translation of the Chinese white paper. There is also a claim that Sun recently sold 6 billion of his TRX holdings.

Currently, TRON is ranked at number 10 on the CoinMarketCap crypto table, trading at $0.022 with a total market cap of $1.5 billion and 24-hour trading volume of $152 million.


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