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  • Tron Foundation is set to take over r/tronix community in a move prompted by GOC exit
  • Tronix community has widely opposed the move stating that it would lead to centralization with apparent censorship of content
  • Tron Foundation states the takeover will create a clear distinction between a community sub and an official sub of the Tron Foundation

On April 30, the Tron Foundation announced that they will be taking over the tronix subreddit. This has come after a backdrop if immense controversy where CEO Justin Sun said he would award a Tesla to the winner of a marketing promotion only to retract by deleting the post and allegedly awarding a non-existent Twitter bot.

The acquisition of the Tronix Subreddit and the giveaway which was established to be a massive fraud have damaged Tron’s reputation among the cryptocurrency community with TRONians losing confidence in the entire project.

GOC Network corruption

Tron’s move to take over the r/tronix subreddit is believed to have been prompted by GOC network which was granted the role to run the tronix subreddit. However, GOC network was stripped of this role since its founders who were Tron employees embezzled foundation resources to fund their own personal projects. Tron, therefore, asked for the removal of the GOC posts to protect the community. With GOC network kicked out, Tron Foundation had to take over the subreddit.

The r/tronix subreddit community has viewed the recent take over as a step towards centralization which may not bode well for the future of the project. Tron representatives mentioned that the reason for taking over the tronix subreddit was “due to the unclear distinction between this being a community sub vs. the Official sub of the Tron Foundation.” The takeover means that Tron will assume the responsibility of top moderator in the community. There will be a direct representation of the Tron Foundation who will be responsible for running the subreddit and eliminate instances of misinformation or scams.

Crypto community disgusted

The news of the takeover of the r/tronix subreddit community has elicited various reactions among TRONians. A lot of people in the community view it as a step towards centralization that would obviously be marked with censorship of content. However, Tron has been quick to dispute the fear of centralization stating that it will assume an oversight role instead of active participation to ensure that there is no foul play as well as safeguard the community.

The takeover of r/tronix has dented the community’s confidence in the project judging from the comments that have been posted on the subreddit after the announcement. A Reddit user by the name MrSike stated that “no subreddit has thrived with a company running it, in fact, most communities rebel against moderation done by the company in charge of what their subreddit is about.” Another user named u/jackfirefish decided that he was for the very first time going to dump close to a million Tron to cut his losses because the project had a bleak future following the announcement.  

In its commencement phase, Tron Foundation was accused of having a whitepaper that is plagiarized. Now with the recent criticism following the giveaway that never was and currently the acquisition of tronix subreddit, its reputation is indeed tainted and many TRONians are quickly losing faith in the entire project. The effects are however yet to be felt since the token still has a $1.54 billion market capitalization.

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