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  • The Skycoin team has announced its ‘Skywire’ Mainnet for devs has been rewritten from the ground up to enable developers to build distributed apps easily.
  • Skywire Mainnet comes with exciting new features including a distributed and secure chat application

Skycoin (SKY), a platform that claims to be a third generation blockchain and cryptocurrency focused on providing a new decentralized internet, has announced the launch of the developer version of the Skywire Mainnet.

As stated in its press release, the Skycoin project was born in 2011 with the sole aim of improving upon the design and implementation of Bitcoin by fixing the philosophical design shortcomings they perceived could impede mass adoption of crypto as a censorship-resistant payment system.

In a bid to effectively carry out its mission, the Skycoin team created Skywire, an entirely decentralized internet protocol, and mesh network.

Per the team, after ten months of carrying out intensive testing via a network of nearly 10,000 nodes spread across the world, it has now successfully launched a developer version of the Skywire Mainnet.

The Skycoin team says that the first iteration of the Skywire Mainnet for devs has been rewritten from the ground up and is built to allow developers to start creating the next generation of highly functional distributed applications.

In the same vein, the team says all the existing apps on the network have been re-coded and optimized for the Mainnet, and it now features a distributed and secure chat app, SSH, as well as a multi-hop tunneling proxy app, with many more exciting features to be added shortly.

Importantly, Skycoin has noted that in the coming months it would release more iterations and features for Skywire, as it has already created an “updater” that will allow it to launch new features regularly.

Through a command line interface, devs will be able to download, install, build and run the Skywire Mainnet and the team has said it plans to release full developer documentation in the coming weeks.

In addition to the features mentioned above, the team has said that it plans to implement a new and intuitive user interface that would make it easier for devs and users to access the Mainnet, bandwidth monetization will be achieved, as well as Coin Hours bank and private Skycoin transactions utilizing CoinJoin and more.

At press time, the price of Skycoin sits at ~$1.09, with a market cap of ~$15 million,  as seen on CoinMarketCap.

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