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  • IOTA has announced the launch of its IOTA Academy
  • The Academy offers three different training formats for developers and non-developers
  • There is also the option to gain developer certification

There is a new development at IOTA.  Following the news of the IOTA Foundation’s plans to expand business in North America and their partnership EVRYTHNG for supply chain management, IOTA announced on April 25, 2019, that they had opened up the IOTA Academy, which is its first international academic program and is part of a partnership with the IOT1 Academy in Shanghai and Berlin.

The program is a step towards improving blockchain education and more specifically, education about IOTA. A link was included in the press release which shows that the Foundation offers online training for coders and developers as well as training for non-coders which will be added in coming weeks and will help in improving the knowledge of IOTA for people such as students, enthusiasts and c-level managers. Content will touch on IOTA, its technology and the potential it has for society as a third generation of blockchain.

A New Way to Learn

All these courses can be purchased online and include curated digital content and are presented through a learning app that works for both mobile and desktop, and is a hands-on and practical experience with use cases and code examples.

There will also be the onboarding course for developers that starts on April 26, 2019, which educates coders is about developing their own applications throughout IOTA Tangle.  It includes a basic understanding of IOTA technology, an overview of the IOTA ecosystem, programming libraries, resources and so on.

The course formats include the pure digital course which is for 6 weeks and is via the use of the app alone  and then there is the blended training course which combines the app use with direct contact to trainers via a messenger and there is a blended seminar which combines app use, contact via messenger to trainers as well an on-site seminar in Berlin with the trainers.

The students will have the opportunity to earn IOTA development certification which is not compulsory but is an independent certification that can be acquired after completing the course of self-education. It includes a written and oral assessment carried out by members of the IOTA Foundation.  Those who pass the certification process will receive a certificate of achievement which the authenticity of which can be verified on the IOTA Tangle.

The management of IOTA has expressed excitement at the new course.

Holger Köther, Director of Partner Management at the IOTA Foundation said:

“We are excited to offer a structured online and onsite training framework with curated content and individual participant support, carried out by one of the most experienced partners in the corporate training field.”

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