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  • ICONLOOP launches ‘broof,’ a fast and tamperproof way to issue blockchain-based certificates
  • ICONLOOP have been setting up a strong collaboration strategy with the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Citizens Hall, POSTECH, and Studypie
  • ‘Broof” is designed to create a reliable certification system in areas such as administration, education, and finance

On May 30, 2019, ICONLOOP announced the launch of ‘broof’,’ a blockchain-based certificate issuance service that is based on ICON’s public blockchain network. This service will support the issuance of a certificate, storage, and prevention of falsification.

According to ICONLOOP, broof will help authorities reduce costs associated with issuing and storing paper documents without necessarily investing in a separate database system. Recipients will also be able to receive and view their blockchain-based certificates from any location whenever they want.

Any time, any place

Recipients can access their certificates by inputting their data on the system and waiting for verification from the issuing authority. Once this is completed, the company sets the approved recipient list, issuance period and URL, allowing the requestor to login with their name and password and instantly access their certificates anywhere and anytime.

After the recipients have viewed their certificates, they can then check issuance related stats and even customize the document template to suit their color and logo preferences. All details on the certificate can then be browsed on the ‘ICON tracker,’ where all transaction records on the ICON network are logged.

Is ICONLOOP first?

ICONLOOP’s blockchain-based certificate issuance service has already been successfully used on two separate occasions. In February, blockchain form certificates were used to appoint 100 members of the Seoul Metropolitan Government ‘Blockchain Governance Team’.

Later on, in April, image form blockchain certificates were used to appoint 162 members of the ‘Policy Communications Team’ at the Seoul Citizens Hall. Furthermore, plans are currently underway to expand use-cases of ‘broof’ via close collaboration with ICONLOOP education partners such as POSTECH and Studypie.

On May 29th, ICONLOOP issued the first-ever ‘broof’ applied blockchain certificates to 28 POSTECH graduates of the ‘Blockchain Executive Program.’ During the graduation ceremony, Jonghyup Kim, CEO of ICONLOOP, stated:

“ICONLOOP has been cooperating with the government and other various institutions in a myriad of ways in order to implement simple blockchain services in everyday life. We expect ‘broof’ will create a safer and more reliable certification system in areas such as administration, education, and finance. At the same time, it will also reduce the required social costs involved.”

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