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While a week of ups and downs in the cryptocurrency industry has passed, the faces turned to the developments to be experienced in the new week. While things have been going well for the cryptocurrency market since early November, there was a crash in the middle of last week. Both Bitcoin and altcoins, which said “we are here,” with their rise, faced a serious decline. With the decline, the total cryptocurrency market value fell below $ 550 billion. Although cryptocurrencies have increased with the recent recovery, the levels before the decline have not been tried yet.

While the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin was counting down to an all-time record before the decline last week, the altcoin market has also been quite revitalized. Many altcoins such as Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM) have managed to increase their prices to levels not seen for a long time, making the faces of their investors happy. But for the cryptocurrency industry, the previous decline of “black Friday” has painted almost all the charts red. For altcoins, which started this week with a rise again after the weekend recession, investors are wondering whether the prices before the fall will be seen again in a short time. So, what are the important developments that concern altcoin investors this week?

December 1 – Ethereum (ETH)

  • What it is: Ethereum, the largest altcoin with a market capitalization of $ 66.5 billion, is a decentralized and open source blockchain system.
  • What will happen: The transition to the Ethereum 2.0 network will begin on December 1, the date previously indicated by authorized names from Ethereum.
  • Why it’s important: Ethereum 2.0 will be the first step, called “phase 0”, that offers many optimizing changes for the Ethereum network.
  • What will change: With this step, the proof of ownership (PoS) system will be tested as an alternative to the Ethereum network working with the proof of work (PoW) algorithm. At this stage, the PoS algorithm can be completely switched to with satisfaction.

December 1 – Skale (SKL)

  • What it is: Skale describes itself as an elastic blockchain.
  • What will happen: Staked SKLs, the governance tokens of the Skale network, are expected to be unlocked on December 1st.
  • Why it’s important: It allows Skale users to work in a decentralized modular cloud built for the needs of the real world via dApps.
  • What will change: The 2-month deadline expires for more than $ 80 million locked value collected from about 4,000 people and institutions from 90 different countries. Investors can now buy SKL coins and their returns.

December 1 – Bifrost (BFC)

  • What it is: Bifrost is a middleware platform that allows developers to build decentralized applications on multiple protocols.
  • What will happen: IDO for Bifrost will start on December 1st.
  • Why it matters: Bifrost is not limited to a single blockchain and aims to create a new environment where developers can combine the best protocols.
  • What will change: With the planned IDO, it is aimed to improve the Bifrost ecosystem.

December 2 – Horizen (ZEN)

  • What it is: Horizen is a completely decentralized and fully customizable sidechain protocol that offers a scalability solution.
  • What will happen: The halving event for Horizen takes place on December 2nd.
  • Why it matters: Horizen promises a fair and inclusive ecosystem where all users are rewarded for their contributions.
  • What will change: The reward per block for Horizen will be reduced from 12.5 ZEN to 6.25 ZEN.

2 Range – ACDX (ACXT)

  • What it is: ACDX exchange describes itself as the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange to offer structured products, while ACXT is the exchange’s native cryptocurrency.
  • What will happen: ACDX exchange’s own cryptocurrency ACXT will be listed.
  • Why it matters: The exchange aims not only to keep pace with the demands of the derivatives market, but to offer experiences beyond expectations for cryptocurrency traders.
  • What will change: In addition to offering Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) transactions on spot and futures, ACXT coin will also be listed, providing users with various advantages.

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